RegenerAge Anti-Aging Products

RegenerAge Anti-Aging Products

#AgeBackwards   Isn’t that what all of us wish we could do? Fortunately for us, that capability actually exists today! The better news is that it is available to us now; you don’t even need a prescription to make the choice to look and feel younger!

If you are wondering how I can make such statements, it is because all RegenerAge products include Bioquantine®, a 100% natural extract (used only in FDA certified formulations) that repairs damaged human DNA and cells! We all know that cells are constantly being replaced by new cells every day. Bioquantine® causes those new cells to start out younger and less damaged so that after a period of time you notice or feel the difference!

The creation of Bioquantine® was inspired by Nobel Prize science that proved cells can be re-programmed to a younger age! So, as you use Bioquantine® on a regular basis, you are actually giving your cells an opportunity to become healthier, and the difference is noticeable!

The great news is that RegenerAge products are now available to anyone without a prescription.  Additionally, you may use more than one product to accomplish a desired health benefit. For instance, if you chose RegenerAge Advanced Cellular Renewal Cream as your nightly moisturizer, your facial skin cells will begin to renew at a younger state with less genetic damage, and you will be pleased with the results. This is mainly because the luxurious cream penetrates to a deeper level than most creams, healing and creating new skin cells for a younger look.

However, if you add a supplement such as Vivaquantine® to your daily routine, you will begin to feel the results, such as a natural increase in energy. As time passes, RegenerAge’s Advanced Cellular Renewal Cream® and Vivaquantine® work together to improve your skin. It literally works from the inside and the outside! You may notice brightening of your skin, especially as dark circles under the eyes disappear. You will definitely see the facial skin texture change to smoother skin.

My personal experience with RegenerAge products continues to be more than I expected. You may have seen the video of my testimony in which RegenerAge products caused a 15 year old scar to start healing! The edges of the scar can no longer be seen, and the deep portion has become shallow. It was always my understanding that scar tissue doesn’t heal, but that was before Bioquantine® came to market!

Bioquantine® may be found in all of RegenerAge’s products:  Diabazone®, Vivaquantine®, Algiaid® and Advanced Cellular Renewal Cream. After all, the goal is better health and beauty!

Stay tuned for new products!

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